Doctor has trained in prestigious Leadership development Programmes including one at Imperial College, London.
President of India Award, awarded by the then President Shri S.D Sharma

Neonatal Touch and Massage Certification (NTMC,USA) Training –February 2022

Touch is the first sensation to develop in a baby in the womb. As a Neonatologist, Dr Nidhi Gupta has also trained to be a certified Neonatal Touch and Massage Therapist This Course is approved by American Occupational Therapists Association (AOTA) Dr Nidhi can go through some useful tips for baby massage which is a scientifically evidenced based technique to improve your baby’s sleep, weight gain, breathing, digestion and relieve colic for which babies are sometimes given medicines like Colic drops which may have side effects

Successful Stories

“Instructor at Basic NRP Provider Course, IAP NRP FGM Project, held at Amrita Hospital Faridabad on 28th April 2023”

Faculty at annual Neocon Nagpur 23rd November’23

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